Buying Land to Build Your Dream Home – Top Tips

Building their own home is a dream for many people, but it can be a more intimidating prospect than simply buying an existing house. One of the first and most challenging steps is to find the right plot of land. Unfortunately, this task does not end when you find vacant land (a difficult enough task…

Attending Compulsory Family Dispute Resolution – what to expect

Separating couples should make reasonable attempts to agree on the future living arrangements, care and responsibility for their children. The Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) provides that, unless there are extenuating circumstances, dispute resolution is compulsory if agreement cannot be reached, prior to bringing an application for parenting orders to the family law courts.

What does a public liability claim mean?

A public liability claim is a potential entitlement to compensation for injuries or harm suffered in a range of circumstances due to the negligence of another person or entity.

FAQ on Estate Planning

While many people are unlikely to nominate estate planning aka “Thinking about what will happen to my assets when I die” as being on their “most wanted things to do” list in reality, this is something that should be on all our “must do” lists.

Understanding Client Legal Privilege in Litigation

Client legal privilege, also known as legal professional privilege, is a fundamental legal principle recognised under both common law and legislation in Australia. This privilege protects the confidentiality of communications (both oral and written) between a client and their legal advisor. It is designed to promote the free flow of information between a client and…

Compulsory Acquisition of Land in Australia – what is it and who could it affect?

Compulsory acquisition of land (also known as ‘resumption’) refers to the right of the Government or a delegated authority such as a local council to acquire privately owned land for specific purposes. Compulsory acquisition can impact homeowners, tenants, and businesses – anybody who has an interest in the property that is being acquired.

Bad credit rating? What can you do?

A credit rating (also known as a credit score) can play a vital role in a person’s financial life. A good credit rating indicates responsible borrowing and timely repayments, while a bad credit rating suggests a history of late payments or loan defaults. The lower the credit score, the less favourable the terms and conditions…

Divorce, de factos and superannuation splitting

Once a couple is separated, their superannuation (super) is treated as property under the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) and the value of the couples’ super benefits will be taken into account when determining a property settlement. Laws regarding super splitting apply to both married and de facto couples. Super is held in trust and…

Will Contests and Estate Disputes – an Overview

In Australia, there are legal avenues available to individuals who wish to contest a will or challenge the distribution of an estate. Although regrettable, such disputes are often unavoidable and sometimes essential to ensure fair outcomes. Understanding these legal processes and the reasons estate disputes arise can help individuals navigate these challenging situations.

Parenting orders for non-parents – who can apply?

A parenting order is not only designed to apply to parents or guardians of a child, but non-parents may also apply for parenting orders to be able to spend time with, or care for a child. The Family Law Act allows a grandparent, or any other person concerned for the child’s care, welfare, or development…